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My name is Rick, though my friends and most who know me refer to me as Rick Tastic, a name which was bestowed upon me by a friend due to the nature with which I live my life and express my soul in this gorgeous universe.

I started writing after I visited the playground of America - Las Vegas - for the first time back in 2010. I was assaulted with questions from friends and family about what trouble I got into, but due to the amount of work I had at the time it would have taken a massive conference call to tell everyone the story, so I wrote some emails, and received super positive responses.

Then I wrote more emails to other friends and family, and received more super positive responses.

This process repeated until I just thought, Fuck it! Ok, I'll start a blog.

​"I've always believed that Rick Tastic is the modern day Hunter S. Thompson." ​
- Tom Hudson

Since that fateful year almost a decade ago, my mind, heart, and soul, and the way they seek to express themselves in my writing have... evolved. In the past several years I've been through some of the highest highs and lowest lows I could ever imagine, and as a result my writing has transformed into what it is now.

I lost my father in 2012 without warning and became the man in the family overnight. I've had my heart shattered numerous times and acted out in ways I'm not proud of because I'm human and I have ​moments of weakness. I have loved a woman so deeply ​I almost gave my life for her and vice versa. I've let my self worth get so low I thought for years about ​killing myself. I've been terrified, confused, in more pain than I could ever imagine, broken, homeless, unemployed, desperate, in tears, and hopelessly lost within myself, all at the same time, and I pulled myself out of it because I kept pushing forward and wouldn't give up even on the days I wanted nothing more than to go to sleep and never wake up. I have no problem writing about and discussing any aspect of my life because all of it made me who I am. As a result of this openness I've been fortunate enough to develop I have also been fortunate enough to attract countless beautiful souls into my life whose presence and support have inspired and encouraged me to pursue greatness, to build my dreams instead of others', and discover what my own soul is capable of accomplishing in this existence.