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Jack the ripper

That's a really small hand to high-five.

the Rick Tastic

Hahahahaha good call


That's awesome...except where you forgot to say that your next trip will be the best so far because you're planning on bringing your beautiful brunette and blonde supermodel friends..hm. Guess we don't get the street cred til we're there.


Keep up the good work. One of these day’s you can compile all your writing into a memoir. There’s no reason why not, that dude Tucker Max did it and in my opinion, you’re writing is more interesting. So keep up the good work (or lack of work) or whatever it is your doing.

the Rick Tastic

"Blondie" haha you are correct, no street cred until then... Even if I am "pretty sure" it would make for an awesome weekend ;)

P.S. ~ I expect a more creative name the next time you comment ;) I know you have it in you

the Rick Tastic

Thanks Bart, I will be sure and compile them once I have enough... This is only the beginning ;)



the Rick Tastic

Thanks, man ;) glad you enjoyed it

Jonathan Roseland

Hahaha epic night! Sure makes me appreciate things here in Denver where you can get bottle service at a decent spot for $45 if you know the right people to sweet talk LOL!

I hate to be a backlink dropper but I got a super clever way to remember names when you are out?? Mind if I share?

the Rick Tastic

$45?!?! Holy SHIT! I don't even think that's do-able in San Diego! God damn!

As for remembering names, SHARE THAT SHIT!

Jonathan Roseland

Yeah, man completely serious, I once paid $45 for a table and bottle srvs in Denver, then banged an IRS lady in a secluded VIP area, then wrote off the bar tab on my taxes.

Here's the technique for remembering names... Hope it helps! http://www.limitlessmindset.com/membership-options/video-course-the-av-association-technique.html

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